05. September 2019
There are different options to start your journey in The Highlands whether you .....
28. June 2019
Held across across Scotland during the summer months, the Highland Games are a huge celebration of the country’s culture. While music, dance and food play a big part, it’s the historic “heavy events” and their tests of strength that best symbolise the games.
05. June 2019
NC500 Sheep and Lambs
When you drive in the Highlands you might find sheep on the road. Now is the
01. June 2019
The B869 coastal road is a single track road, there are few of these types of road left in the UK, its important to know how to drive on them. This wee short film gives you a guide on how to negotiate your way along safely, with care and consideration.
20. May 2019
In 2020, Scotland celebrates its Coasts and Waters with a year-long programme of events and activities which will shine a spotlight on these vital elements of our landscape.
28. March 2019
Scottish Weather NC500 - Bed and Breakfast Highlands of Scotland
Last year we decided to replace a part of the roof because that part is the oldest part and we had some leakages
01. March 2019
Magnificent Torridonian sandstone cliffs rise from the Atlantic on the north west coast of Handa Island.
14. February 2019
As you all maybe know, we care about the environment, we are vegetarians en try to reduce waste as much as possible.......
13. January 2019
Culag Woods Lochinver
The North Coast 500 is a little more than 500 mile scenic route through the Highlands of Scotland.
02. January 2019
In Bed & Breakfast The Green Cruachan we care about our environment, that is one of the reasons why we serve our Breakfast as a Buffet and why we are completely Vegetarian.

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