As part of our commitment to sustainability and green tourism, in our Bed & Breakfast we try to contribute as much as possible to create a better environment for current and future generations and by telling our guests about our "Green vision and mission".



♻️ Our B&B is completely vegetarian, this is very important to us, as we think that eating meat is one of the causes that the environment is rapidly deteriorating.

♻️ We serve Fairtrade coffee, use Highland Wholefoods (member of Scottish Fair Trade) for all our Organic Muesli, Nuts, Juices and we shop as local as possible (free range eggs, milk, bread).

♻️ We don’t have bathtubs anymore in our B&B (replaced for walk-in shower) to reduce the amount of water used by our guests.

♻️ We ask guests to consider the environment and re-use towels when possible.

♻️ Our garden include insect and bird friendly trees and bushes, we attract butterflies and bees in the summer. The minimum food waste we have is composted in the garden.

♻️ On regular basis, we spread our green vision in our conversations with guests, on Social Media and our website, all to make the world a little bit more greener for us and future generations.

We are trying to improve our environmental performance as much as we can, as well as the prevention of pollution. To help us achieve these goals, we are committed to the following:

♻️ We minimise waste by Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

♻️ Energy usage is continually monitored. We use LED and long-life bulbs. Almost all radiators are fitted with individual thermostats. We use A+ rated kitchen appliances and dry laundry outside when possible.

♻️ We have walking guides and maps on our website and nature books and magazines in our guest lounge.

♻️ We use Eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products (Ecover) and we use refill packages for all bathroom products (shampoo, shower gel).

♻️ We have double glazed windows throughout and a 20cm Rockwool insulated roof.


Green Policy Statement

Green Policy Statement.pdf
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