Due to the heavy snowfall we arrived a couple of days later at The Green Cruachan. We were stuck in Ullapool for 4 nights, we made the best of it. We took some time to rest from the trip, went to a Ceilidh dance and we did some great dancing and met some nice people from Ullapool. We were supposed to arrive in Stoer at the first of March, but due to the snowdrifts between Ullapool and Elphin this was not possible.


For 4 days they were busy with cleaning the roads and Monday the 5th we checked out at the Arch Inn and left for Stoer. The roads were clean, but next to the road there were high walls of snow. When we arrived at The Green Cruachan Dennis and Maggie were waiting for us with the key. It was quite cold in the house, we made a fire and we started to unload the trailer. As we had no internet and mobile signal we went to Lochinver that evening for a meal and to let our family and friends know that we arrived safely at The Green Cruachan. 


The last few weeks we did quite a lot in the house. We visited the recycle centre several times, a lot of old furniture is gone. Our furniture arrived, we have been to Inverness twice to buy some things for working in and around the house, we have laminated the lounge, breakfast room and our own lounge. We have painted the red wall in the breakfast room into a creamy white colour. In the garden we have picnic tables and a relaxing lounge set. We have painted the cupboards in the kitchen, did a little bit of insulation and we picked up our English car.


We met a few people, visit the lighthouse of Stoer, the secret tea garden in Drumbeg and ordered lots of stuff to get ready for receiving our first guest.