Tuesday 27 February 2018 we have left our bungalow in Simonshaven, The Netherlands. We took the ferry from IJmuiden to Newcastle. Our cabin was at the front of the ship and early in the evening the wind was getting stronger and the waves increased.In the morning it was very busy in the port of Newcastle and there were no tugs available, so we were on open sea for about one hour and that was too much movement for our stomachs. Getting dressed and outside for a breath of fresh air, a cup of chamomile tea and some fruit. After a while we felt better and the tugs were ready to bring the ship to the harbor. Thank god for that.


No problems at the customs, just a question what was in the trailer and a big smile from the customs officer that we were mad people for moving Scotland voluntarily.


Our trip from Newcastle to Pitlochry, where we have booked a room at Rachael and Gordon of the Cuil-an-Daraich Guesthouse, was quite a long trip. What normally would be a 4-hour drive was now a drive of 8 hours. Lots of snow on the road between Newcastle and Edinburgh, lorry’s who got stuck and we were thankful for our winter tires. They helped us a lot and we did not get stuck in the snow. Fortunately the rest of the trip from Edinburgh to Pitlochry, the roads were clean.


Overnight a fresh pack of snow was fallen, but the road from Pitlochry to Ullapool was clean. After Ullapool it is about one hour drive to Stoer, but the road was closed. What to do? We drove up to a hotel The Arch Inn and fortunately they had a room for us. There was still a lot of snow falling in Ullapool.


This morning we heard that the road was still closed, so we are stuck in Ullapool. We booked the hotel for a couple of nights more, because they say that the road to Stoer and surroundings will be free on Monday. We do some sightseeing in Ullapool, we had a talk with the nice lady of the tourist information and have some drinks in de pub.